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[S2E15] A Tough Decision

Burgess and Roman found themselves in the right place at the right time to make a major black market smuggling bust, but unfortunately they made the wrong decision and were forced to fight for their lives in this tense episode.

[S2E15] A Tough Decision

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With the BAU struggling to establish what the next move will be, and JJ frantic about the fate of her family, this episode has you on the edge of your seat. The episode also sets the scene for a few members of the team making life-altering decisions, specifically Prentiss (Paget Brewster), another fan-favorite character.

The Bubble is threatened when Ben has a meeting with Leslie's mother Marlene Griggs-Knope, a notoriously tough politician in the Pawnee school system, who wants Ben to approve the purchase of four new school buses despite a difficult budget season. Afraid of ruining the bubble, Leslie initially tells Ben she is not related to Marlene. Right before Ben's meeting, however, Leslie admits Marlene is her mother, making him nervous and causing him to capitulate to all of her demands during the meeting. Marlene considers Ben weak, so Leslie becomes determined to prove that he is a tough boss to impress Marlene.

Leslie trains Ben for his next meeting with her mother. He impresses Marlene so much with his tough negotiation skills that she becomes flirtatious with him. An uncomfortable Ben tells Leslie they should tell her about their relationship, but Leslie does not want to lose the bubble. Fed up, Ben storms into Marlene's office and tells her that he is dating her daughter and asks her to keep it secret. Marlene laughs off the situation and tells Leslie that she approves of Ben.

Monica in one episode outlines that she started in the choir, then annunciations, followed by search and rescue and then case work. Most cases involve a single person or a group of people who are at a crossroads in their lives and facing a large problem or tough decision. Monica and Tess bring them messages of hope from God and give them guidance to help make decisions. During their first episode, the pair receive a red 1972 Cadillac Eldorado convertible as a gift; they use it for transportation throughout the rest of the series while in the human world, with Tess doing the driving. As the series progresses, Monica continues gaining experience as a case worker and, during some cases must learn lessons of her own.

To make the biggest decision of the season, Simone and Bringston make the biggest decision together. The lions battling for the conference championship. Cam seeks help from JR on a serious situation; Nate was put into a situation to make a difficult decision. 041b061a72

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