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HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Card Review –As per its name, it mainly focuses on business owners. it is a Business & Personal usage-focused Credit Card By HDFC Bank. it offers both benefits of Cash Back & Reward points. it could be a super saving card for you. it is quite popular from this offers 5% Each Month Cash back on Business Essential purchases, such as telephone & internet bills, Government & Tax Payments, and electricity bills.

Furthermore, you will get all additional HDFC Bank Benefits. For instance, Contactless Payment, Zero Lost card liability, Revolving Credit, And HDFC SmartPay App Discounts.

through this Article, we are going to share with you HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Card Review. what are the benefits, offers, HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Card limit, features, and annual charges or additional fees?

The business Moneyback Credit Card by HDFC is an awesome card for businessmen and self-employed. This card comes with the benefit of Up to 50 days interest-free credit period. moreover, on Online Shopping, you can earn upto 2X Reward Points on shopping for Per ₹150.

in simple words, you will get 4 reward points for Online E-Commerce purchasing. For Business Owner Benefits, it provides Pre-approved Quick loans and a Cash withdrawal facility. you will get upto 5% Monthly Cashback on Business related bill payments, such as telephone & internet bills, electricity bills, and Government & Tax Payments.

You will get all of these benefits and offers for just a renewal charge of ₹500. moreover, it has the additional benefit of waiving renewal fees. all you need to do is, you have to purchase upto ₹50,000 in the previous year to get the facility of no renewal fees on the card.

How to Use Reward Points Redemption

You can redeem your Reward Points into cashback, and Airmiles, and Convert your points into Products and Online Vouchers. You have to log in to your savings account and tap on the cards option and select the Reward redemption feature. Now, a new window pop-up will open, and you can prefer your option and convert your earned reward points into air miles, Cash and Products. Below, we mention all the conversion values of your earn reward points –

  • 1RP = 0.25 air-mile (Airmiles conversion)

  • 1 RP = upto Rs 0.25 (Products and Vouchers)

  • 1 RP = Rs 0.20 (Redeem as cashback)

As per HDFC Official Bank Website, your earned Reward Points will be Expired in the last 2 years.

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