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Where Can I Buy Aetrex Shoes !FREE!

Since 1946, Aetrex has been a leader in the footwear industry for comfort and wellness products. Originally known just for arch supports and orthotics, Aetrex has branched out to include a variety of innovative and stylish footwear items. All of the Aetrex orthotic women's shoes and men's shoes reflect cutting-edge technologies and allow users to customize the way they fit.

where can i buy aetrex shoes

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Aetrex shoes, boots and Aetrex sandals all contain a unique customization technology called Mozaic. This allows you to modify the shoe so that it provides a custom fit. Each Mozaic layer or insole contains pieces that can be removed to suit your feet. Simply peel away the Mozaic pieces from any area of the Aetrex women's shoe where your feet experience discomfort. This process will alleviate pressure in those areas, providing a vastly improved experience.

This particular collection combines the comfort and flexibility of 4-way stretch fabrics with memory foam to give you a custom fit. Available in clogs, Mary Janes, slip-on and zip-up styles in a variety of colors, these casual shoes are light and stylish. The Aegis anti-microbial lining in each of these shoes protects against fungi, bacteria and algae. Durability and shock absorption are also features, due to the advanced polyurethane outsole. These are the perfect casual shoes for everyday wear.

"It saved my feet. I was at a point where my feet hurt so much that I was really limited. I found Aetrex insoles and completely stopped having foot pain by wearing them all the time. They are a miracle for my feet and my feet! my quality of life! I highly recommend them."

Every foot is unique, a shoe universal. An insole selected with accurate scan information from the Aetrex foot scanners makes universal shoes tailored and comfortable. You recommend the perfect shoe, the insole offers the extra support and comfort and makes the customer satisfied and happy to come back to you. The Aetrex insoles ensure a healthy gait that fits the foot, offer comfort and help prevent complaints. The scan information is recorded in a foot passport, with which you can build a database of valuable customer information and personalize your marketing campaigns more and more. View the custom select Aetrex products. 041b061a72

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