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Meditate essential oil Blend w/Amethyst chips/10ml rollerbal

Meditate essential oil Blend w/Amethyst chips/10ml rollerbal

SKU: 000001

Meditate essential oil blend(10ml rollerball/ bamboo lid/metal roller/ hollographic silver label) with amethyst chips infused with light language codes to help calm the mind, raise your vibration and connect to the heart center!

A powerful essential oil blend of ylang ylang, patchouli and sweet clementine, topped off with fractionated coconut oil.

Ylang Ylang,  is known as the oil of "Inner Child"  and is a powerful remedy for the heart.  It also assists individuals in releasing bottled up emotions such as anger and sadness and feelings that have been buried inside are bourth to the lifht through Ylang Ylangs assistance.


Patchouli is known as the oil of " physicality" and supports individuals in becoming fully present in their phyhsical body and helps individuals appreciate the magnificence of the physical body.  Patchouli complements yoga practice, tai chi and meditation.


Clementine is the oil of "Gladness" and helps fill the body with joy and upliftment.



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