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Mystic Heart essential oil

Mystic Heart essential oil


Mystic Heart essential oil infused with Light language and personalized for your energy!

10ml Turquoise Frosted Rollerball/ Rose quartz Chips inside to amplify the effects of the light language codes and Heart Expansion activation.


connect withh your inner Mystic and the Higher Heart!


Mystic Heart essential oil blend is a mixture of :


Blue Lotus

(Egyptian Lotus) (Blue water lily)

A majestic deep blue/purple flower with a Vibrant yellow center and widely celebrated throughout history in Egyptian Culture, art and ceremonies. Blue Lotus Flowers were sprinkled over King Tut's body before he was entombed.

It is known to Enhance Heart expansion, spiritual enlightenment, long life, Health , honor Beauty, Purification, purity and prosperity. It is also known to assist in a restful sleep, reduce anxiety and aids in meditation.



essential oil:


Jasmine has the ability to balance and harmonize the bodys energy centers, Encourages imagination, intuition, confidence and also aids in meditation.

It also has the abiitiy to rid a space of negative energy and creates a balance in the need for love and approval.


Pink Pepper

essential oil:


Pink pepper encourages patience acceptance and compassion toward self and others.

It assists in promoting feelings of Self worth, helps to open your heart fully so you can embrace opportunities and relationships that appear as well as support you by leading you on the right path.


Roll on chest or pulse points.

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