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Transmute essential oil spray

Transmute essential oil spray

SKU: 757

Limited time only ! 

2 oz. Frosted Spray bottle, obsidian and clear Quartz chips for yin/yang.

Transmute Essential oil spray infused with light language.

Transmuting is a clearing process of unwanted energy , stabalizing the energetic fequency of flow to stay connected to higher levvels of consciousness.


Essential oil blend of 

*Green Mandarin:  "The oil of Pure Potential" This oil reminds individuals that they have direct access to pure potential and boundless opportunities and helps to dispell emotional feelings of fear.


*Spanish Sage: "The Oil of Activating Wisdom"  This oil supports individuals in being in the present moment and surrendering to control.  It helps to calm and ease the mind.  Creates Clarity,


*Litsea: " The Oil oil of Manfestation",  It supports individuals by acting as a "Catalyst for living in accordance with one's higher purpose and internal compass and helps individuals to get out of their own way. Creates positive possibilities.




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