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Vanilla/Rose Essential oil Rollerball with Rose quartz chips

Vanilla/Rose Essential oil Rollerball with Rose quartz chips

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Vanilla /Rose Essential oil blend with Rose quartz crystal chips /10ml clear rollerball/baby pink hollographic label- Infused with light language


This blend Supports the connection with the Divine Goddess within and sexual Divine energy.

It supports your sacral chakra while enhancing emotions of passion while opening up to creative energy flow!


Vanilla Essential Oil ( The Oil or Unfolding))


The scent of Vanilla is known and loved globally.  Its aroma enhances anything it's added to, making it more enjoyable and magnifying its inherent goodness.   It's potent seeds contain emotional and energetic properties which can transofrm how individuals perceive and interact with the world around them.

Vanilla is increcible for creativity, it helps individuals  channel their joyful expression into physical form.   It is especially helpful for those who feeel like life has lost its magic spark to begin to hope again.  

Vanilla also facilitates positive memtal-emotional states that are beneficial for physical intimacy.  It rejuvenates depleted vital essence, promotes calm and releases tension, which are often barriers of desire.


Rose, (the oil of Divine LOVE)


Holds a higher vibration than any other oil on the planet.  It is a powerful healer of the heart.  It supports individuals in reaching heavenword and connecting with Divine LOVE.  Rose teaches the essential need for Divine grace and intervention in the healing process.  As an individual opens to receive Divine benevolence in all its manifestations, the heart is softened.  If one can simply let go and choose to receive divine love, they are wrapped in warmth, clarity and compassion.


Rose Quartz Crystal Chips


Rose Quart crystal  aids in releasing emotional blockages, promoting compassion, love and creativity of the heart.  Self-love and acceptance and forgivness and cultivates positive relationships with self and others.



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