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Three Spray Collection

Three Spray Collection

SKU: 0333

Three Powerful light language infused sprays to assist you on your journey to enlightenment!


1.  Smudge Spray clears you aura and space

2.  Transmute Spray, Aligns your frequency to connect

3.  Rose Spray Supports your connection to the Divine


Mystic Heartspace Signature Smudge spray. ( 2 oz Frosted spay bottle, black top) Infused with light language to protect and clear your energetic space.

Deb Clark uses this on her LIVES to help Clear unwanted energy and to help open the receptive channel to Positive energy.

Smudge Spray is an uplifting energizing aroma with an essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Clary sage, lemon , sibirian fir, citronella, lime, tea tree, cilantro.

This combination is a powerful energentic cleansing mixture and a great alternative to burning sage or palo santo.

Lemongrass is known as the oil of "cleansing" and is a powerful cleanser of energy. It dispels feelings of despair and lethargy and is a powerful tool in cleansing the enrgy within a house, room or or work space.

Clary Sage is known as the oil of "Clarity and vision" and assists individuals in changing their perceptions. It gives courage to see the truth. one of the finest oils for the brow chakra. Clary sage dispels darkness and illusion, helping individuls to see their limiting beleif systems. Lemon , sibirian fir, citronella, lime, tea tree, cilantro esential oils combined creates the oil of "purification" It assists individuals in releasing toxic emotions and entering a cleansing state. It revitalizes the energy system, washing away negative influences.


Transmute Spray*  2 oz. Frosted Spray bottle, obsidian and clear Quartz chips for yin/yang.

Transmute Essential oil spray infused with light language.

Transmuting is a clearing process of unwanted energy , stabalizing the energetic fequency of flow to stay connected to higher levels of consciousness.


Essential oil blend of 

*Green Mandarin:  "The oil of Pure Potential" This oil reminds individuals that they have direct access to pure potential and boundless opportunities and helps to dispell emotional feelings of fear.


*Spanish Sage: "The Oil of Activating Wisdom"  This oil supports individuals in being in the present moment and surrendering to control.  It helps to calm and ease the mind.  Creates Clarity,


*Litsea: " The Oil oil of Manfestation",  It supports individuals by acting as a "Catalyst for living in accordance with one's higher purpose and internal compass and helps individuals to get out of their own way. Creates positive possibilities.



Rose Spray 2 oz.Frosted Spray Bottle

infused with light language to help expand the heart chakra and be open to Divine Love!


Rose is known as the Queen of Oils and the oil of " Divine Love"


Rose essential oil holds a higher vibration than any other oil on the planet! It helps to expand the heart Chakra and supports individuals in reaching heavenward and connecting to Divine Love. Rose teaches the essential need for divine grace & intervention in the healing process. As an individual opens to receive divine benevolence in all its manifestations, the heart is softened. If one can simply let go and choose to receive divine Love, they are wrapped in warmth, clarity and compassion.

Simply apply Rose oil over the heart daily or spray your chest and speak loving affirmations.

example " I am the true essence of love"," I am open to receive love", " I am open to love"



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