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Spiritual Mentoring and awakening
Light Language Activations, Readings and COURSES

Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank you for believing!

I am Certified Master Light language healer/Activator and specialize in activating the soul language dialect in individuals.    I have been blessed with unique abilities that allow me to help others on their own path to self discovery, happiness and love, and I am willing and ready to help you. Together we will journey into your past, current and future issues to find the answers you are looking for.  Contact me to begin a your journey.


 I speak many light language dialects, which helps me to facilitate the energy codes needed to activate your starseed memories in order for you to fully align with your  mission and soul's contract.
Your soul contract is what you agreed to help execute while being incarnated on Earth.

My mission is to assist in helping the light workers/ starseeds awaken into their own unique abilities so they may also do their part in helping humanity to  awaken and shift into the 5th density frequencies and Golden Age paradigm!
As each of us wakes up to our own unique abilities, Collectively we raise the vibrational frequency to help Mother Earth shift into higher frequencies of density as well as helping all living creatures.   
Mother Earth is currently in ascension and We are also ascending with her!

Many of you, the lightworkers /starseeds have contracted to reincarnate on Earth during this time  to help guide and lead the way!  Helping humanity to awaken into OUR true essence, intuitive abilities and the frequency of LOVE and ONENESS.

LIGHT LANGUAGE,  Is a huge part of communication in the 5th density frequencies and helps us to communicate better with our guides.  It  is extremely important for us to use our light language(s) in order to shift out of the dense energy that has been suppressing our unique abilities and deep ancestral wisdom.
What is light language?
"Light language is a UNIVERSAL LOVE VIBRATION that every soul can understand and speak by going inward to allow your heart center to express energetically your deepest emotions and soul's truth, it carries powerful codes needed to restore your memories, clear fear, and helps to starts the healing process for yourself and others".

Light language is a powerful grounding tool, communicator  to higher realms ,  star family and ancestral wisdom and when used with intention can clear unwanted energy very quickly as well as activating the energetic codes needed for humanity to shift into 5th density consciousness.
There are many different ways to express light language and they come in many different forms  which includes the light language dialects, hand gestures movements and symbol drawings.

Within the light language carries powerful codes to help turn on and facilitate the memory process on how to use our abilities and starseed origins.
Thank you for allowing me to help mentor , support and empower you to be the confident activator I know you to be!  

If you are interested in the Light language awakening certification course, please click the button to sign up! 

please note, you must be already be speaking your soul language to participate in the course.  If you have not been activated,  please go to services and  select services option.. "soul language dialect activation" to get activated by me!  The session is approximately one hour long and will be recorded on zoom meeting.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Debra Clark,
Mystic Heartspace, LLC


light language awakening activator certification course

June Bundle!
24 light language attunements
and Bonus 
-Earth star Activation
-Soul Star Activation
-Gateway Stellar Activation
-Palm Chakra Activation
-Zeal Point activation
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Super chakra light language 
attunement calibrations
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Deb Clark

Certified Master Light Language Healer/activator/channeler/ Energy Reader/ medium & Mentor

Deb specializes in activating soul language and helping others to access their own unique psychic abilities.

She also connects with Past loved ones, spirit guides, the angelic Realm and is a strong dimensional Galactic Channeler and teaches courses to help you connect with your own psychic gifts.

Other services include

chakra Scans readings and clearings,

Soul Language dialect activations,

Light Language dialect attunements,

Shadow work sessions,

Timeline Trauma energy Healing,

  inner child healing, shadow work, 

psychic abilities readings, and courses.



Deb's soul mission is to help the newly spiritually awakened to connect in with their own unique psychic abilities and to assist them in connecting with their own soul's  remembrance , ascension and consciousness expansion  into 5th density .

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    Light Language awakening activator certification course

    With Deb Clark

    You, Must be already activated with your soul language dialect to participate.  

    If you are not activated.  I will activate you! 

    check the services offered-
    " Soul language dialect activation"

    This course  is designed to help the activators become more confident in understanding how to utilize light  language(s), translation of light language dialects and understanding communication with spirit guides , attunements, transmissions and  the stages  that come with light language and consciousness expansion.








      15 light language dialect attunement calibration audio/video recordings/digital download Bundle

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      Light language dialect attunement digital downloads

      With Deb Clark

      Several audio/video digital download light language attunement recordings now available!

        Purple Glow

        Starseed Intuitive Awakening Dual Mentorship channeling Course

        With Deb Clark and Tina Powell

        Do you want to learn how to learn how to channel spirit, guides, angels, past loved ones? This course is designed for Beginners to advanced channeling to help you identify and work with your own unique abilities.